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You don’t want to write the content on your website ? I can help you with this. I can write the content for your new website. I write in 3 languages(English/Spanish/Catalan). You will have up to 2 reviews, which means you would be able to request 2 changes to the content.

We need to gather together to better understand your business and goal. Then I will make a draft content focused on the goal of your business. It will get delivered to you and you will have the opportunity to add/remove text from the content.

If you business needs constant content changes, I can setup a CMS system for you. This will help you making edit changes much easier.

If you still need a support in editing and writing the content I can help you for 100 eur/month for 2 changes/month.

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Send me a message if you have any questions or you want to receive more information on the plans. :)

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